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RJM Access

Computer solutions using Microsoft Access.

Microsoft Access is the database program associated with its "Office" application.
A database is a place to store and display information.
You may be more familiar with other elements of the "Office" application such as Word or Excel.

Access is extremely versatile. It is often underestimated.

The solutions can be very powerful and provide exceptional value.
We can make them work for you.

Accessible accurate information can save a lot of time and money.

Correctly held information can be easily reused for new purposes created by us or internally.

Applications can be easily scaled up using SQL Server to professional levels when and if required.

Individuals, small businesses and multinational companies use Access.

Most Existing information can be included.

Devised information can be utilised in reports or graphs.
It can be linked into programs like Microsoft Excel or output for use in other areas.

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Who Uses Access? What do they use it for?